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2018-2023 Catégorie (s) : Rôle dans le projet : Collaborateur

The main objective of this activity is to determine the impact of harvest date on berry and wine composition and on the sensory perception and consumer liking of wines made from Vitis varieties grown in Eastern Canada.

The specific objectives are:
1. Harvest berries at different maturity levels around full maturity (interval of 7 to 10 days around commercial harvest);
2. Analyse the chemical composition of berries and process them into wine;
3. Analyse the chemical composition and the sensory perception of the maturity wines using a trained panel;
4. Conduct consumer preferences panels using the maturity wines;
5. Correlate berry to wine chemical data, and wine composition to sensory perception and consumer liking.


Université Ste-Anne, Nouvelle-Écosse, CVQ

Organisme subventionnaire

Agriculture agroalimentaire Canada- Grappe scientifique canadienne

Chercheur responsable

Caroline Provost