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2018-2023 Catégorie (s) : Rôle dans le projet : Requérant

The proposed project would help to better understand vine physiology in relation to freezing tolerance so as to propose adaptations or new technologies that can be used to support producers and help to increase yield and fruit quality. Monitoring systems for bud hardiness will be implemented in Quebec in collaboration with Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute (CCOVI) to provide information about cold hardiness of hybrids and V. vinifera under Quebec climatic conditions. Important information will also be generated that could be used for more efficient management of frost protection systems, such as wind machines against spring frost. These data sets will be used for the development and validation of models concerning phenology and cold hardiness for hybrids and V. vinifera. These models will be available from the CIPRA website and could be utilized by agronomists, researchers and producers to ensure better monitoring in the field and to specify the times of intervention for frost protection.


Brock Univ., AAC, CVQ, agronomes, MAPAQ

Organisme subventionnaire

Agriculture agroalimentaire Canada- Grappe scientifique canadienne

Chercheur responsable

Caroline Provost

Chargé de projet

Alexander Campbell